…aka my Industry Pet Peeve.
I’ve been traveling a long time. Back when there was no security clearance, smoking during the whooooooooole flight was ‘normal’ and you could walk right up to the gate to greet your loved ones. I actually flew PanAm often (still mad they cancelled the show), and they used to have awesome jaunts from Bermuda to JFK for $99. NINETY. NINE. DOLLARS. ROUND. TRIP. AH-MURRRRCAN DOLLARS. Leave at 7:30am Friday or Saturday morning and return on a 7pm flight… 12 or 24 hours later. If you were good like me, you just needed some subway tokens and a comfortable pair of shoes to get a lot of stuff done. Sometimes I’d go just to cop an outfit for a friend (yup, they’d send me to shop for them) or I’d go to celebrate a friend’s birthday at BBQs.
The good old days.
When you’d get on a flight, the doors would close and the 2 seats next to you were empty and you’d throw the arm rests up and lay out across the whole row. Those days seem to be no more, at least on a lot of routes I travel.
Now we’re met with flights that are so oversold on planes that are too small and everyone is crammed together. I get it for less popular routes. But for the really busy ones? Come. On. There’s a certain “wooo hooo” that comes with being next to an empty seat. I don’t want to spend $600 for a 2.5 hour flight and feel like I’m on a jitney. Especially when 75% of that fare is for fees… really Sun?
For the record, I just like to decide where I’m going, buy my ticket and GO. I don’t really get joy out of scouring the internet and flight schedules and reading a million lines of terms & conditions. It wouldn’t be so bad for the airlines to ease up on the fares… especially since profits are being reported again. Maybe more people would fly. Hmmmm…