Renee M. Jones

Here are my tips for any first time traveler. First off, some of my best vacations I have planned and saved anywhere from 9-12 months in advance and as much as I get excited, as the time draws near I have to remind myself that when traveling almost everything is out of my control. From flight delays and diversions and in the case of my last vacation for my 10th Anniversary, a hurricane. Also, not to mention the long drawn out (and very frustrating) immigration lines where I’ve easily spent up to 3-4 hours waiting, then to final get to the counter and the officer doesn’t know how to handle a Bermuda passport.
So, first tip – Yes, be excited but pack your patience!
2nd – I always like to check out the things to do where I’m travelling but I never prebook excursions. I like to be flexible in case I change my mind.
3rd – in reference to #2, I save by not using a travel agent but some people may prefer expert advice. I swear by TripAdvisor.
4th – Take enough money and allow for things to go wrong.
5th – Give yourself a day or two to catch yourself when your vacation is over (if you can). I never go back to work the very next day after I get home from vacation.