Episode 2: College Trippin

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Episode length 00:28:39

This one is for the college freshmen, first generation college students and their parents/caregivers. In 2014 when it was my turn to make the college drop-off trek, it was kind of funny to me that not much had changed since 1988. Here’s a list of tips that they don’t always tell you at orientation. This is probably going to be the longest, non-interview CBT… but I got you on the time markers:

00:40 – Out of state; traveling far
02:25 – The food, baby. The food.
06:17 – Fridges, Shopping and Stuff
08:40 – You aint gotta go home… (parents)
08:42 – “I don’t know anybody”
10:15 – Just in case you thought shipping stuff might be a good idea…
10:35 – Mark your calendars
11:27 – Get up, get out… do something
13:44 – All of the tears
16:38 – The Freshman Year Finesse (aka, spring semester is going to kick your butt)
20:07 – Don’t forget your peeps
22:02 – Stay ready
22:20 – The Tax Man Cometh
23:06 – In my feelings, aka Dear Mama, aka The Ugly Cry
27:45 – Parting words

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