As I pointed out in Why [I Think] Having A Passport is a Good Idea, I mentioned that some may find the cost of obtaining prohibitive. If I had my way – and the budget – I’d make sure everyone I knew had a passport. In fact, that was one of the original reasons for creating CBT, and it’s definitely still on the agenda. In the meantime, I decided to find and share organizations and individuals with similar missions.
Enter The Passport Party Project. I first found out about this organization sometime in 2015 through a Facebook friend, bookmarked the site and checked in on their Facebook page periodically. Currently on Phase 4 of their program, the mission is to gift a passport a day over a one year period. Although the program is for underrepresented American girls between the ages of 11 and 15, during this phase they appear to be accepting applications from boys.
Head on over to their site at and see how you can get involved, or apply. Right now. Then tell a few friends!