I had to go back in the archives for a picture of this particular fave, but glad I found it because it is my favorite travel companion. This microbead neck roll pillow was given to me as a gift by a former coworker and dear friend in Bermuda. She actually gave my daughter and I our own pillows and Diva-esque Queen and Princess satin sleep masks.
As airline seat space got smaller, I found that I would get cramps in my back. One time I decided to move the pillow to my lower back and ermahgahhhhdt. Magical instant relief. It works wonders on long car rides (or sessions in front of the computer) as well.
The microbeads mean that the pillow keeps its shape and is flexible enough to keep you comfy where ever you need it. Sadly, this particular pillow doesn’t seem to be available anymore, but if you’re in the market for a good travel pillow, try a microbead one over foam.