Aloha! If you’re traveling to Maui for the first time:
be sure to rent a convertible and drive to Hana & if you want a really beautiful treat (don’t turn around to drive back). Keep driving, 360 turns into 31 and takes you all the way around the island. Leave early and spend the entire day enjoying waterfalls, red rock and black sand beaches, bamboo forests, and more. The convertible is the icing on the cake being able to see the ginormous trees above.
The second part of this tip: while driving in Maui, especially on the narrow curvy roads, pull over and let the locals pass. It’s local etiquette. No need to speed past the beauty, always take your time, but be courteous to locals. Mahalo.
Tip 3 (sorry if this is too many lol) – all of the beaches in Maui are free and open to the public, get out and enjoy them all. If you go to Big Beach – be wary of the tide – this beach’s tide can be extremely tricky (climb over the rock to the right to get to Little Beach *the nude beach*) 😉