For as long as I could remember, I wanted a Kipling bag. Any Kipling bag. I’m pretty sure it had something to do with the fuzzy gorilla that comes with one. Often I’d walk past The Harbourmaster in Bermuda’s Washington Mall and peek into the window at the latest addition to the collections they sold.
At one point, as a new adult, I had the fortune of borrowing one from a friend for a last minute trip I had to make. I remember freaking out because somehow the bag got knocked over into water and I just knew it was going to jack up the bag and its contents. It didn’t. I reallllllllllly wanted one then.
Fast forward about 20 years and my brother came to visit me and he had a very nice sized duffle on wheels. I was lightweight jelly.  Another time my mom came through with her own set and I was now super jelly. Ugh! I wanted my own! At the time though, a Kipling bag – let alone a cute little set – wasn’t in the budget. But then, in 2012, right close to my birthday, had a sale. I snagged a carry on duffle on wheels, nice sized tote and a multi-compartment clutch for what the duffle itself cost. In pink. Yes! It didn’t matter to me that I didn’t have any planned travel, nor did I know when my next jaunt would be. It didn’t matter, though; it was time for me to have [even a small set of] luggage that wouldn’t fall apart after 2 trips.
It took a few months for me to unwrap my duffle from the protective bag used during shipping, but about 8 months after receiving it, my Kipling duffle was on its way to Europe. Then it got to go with me to New York City, Chicago, and Syracuse. Looking forward to taking it on another tour soon. When it’s a quick trip and not full, its softness means that I can fold it down to fit under the seat in front of me. There’s a top (when standing) compartment that is accessible by zipper – that’s where I put my clear toiletry bag for easy access  when going through TSA.
Pretty sure they don’t sell the style I have anymore (the Teagen Small Duffle), but I am sure that I will be looking for a black tote/carry-on friendly bag from them really soon.

What’s your favorite carry-on/quick getaway bag?

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