As you all know, I suffer from Sickle Cell Disease. As a kid, my favorite moments were had at Camp New Hope because I was able to hang with kids who had the same disease and was finally able to be myself.” Krissy Brierre-Davis

Sickle Cell Disease is serious – to those who have to deal with it, and those who care for them. Growing up, I knew of maybe 2 people with Sickle Cell, but it wasn’t until I met Krissy Brierre-Davis that I understood the severity of it. I remember one night on Twitter a few years ago was the first time I learned that one could die because of Sickle Cell complications… a disease with little to no visible symptoms. To compound the matter, it seems that medical profession has some ways to go in the ways of bedside manner toward SCD patients, which I am adds to the stress of growing up with the disease.
Krissy has been very open about living with Sickle Cell, and has been a selfless champion for those suffering with this disease. So while I was deciding on which Fave or Find to post for this Friday, I saw her GoFundMe campaign in the hopes she and others in her support group have to send 5 kids to a camp she found so much comfort in growing up, it was a no brainer to post this.
Let’s help Krissy and Friends send a minimum of 5 kids with Sickle Cell Disease to camp this year! Click the link below and give a little something to help a child smile this summer.