December is a great month to:


Check expiration date of your passport and driver’s license

  • Make note(s) in calendar
  • Set reminders 6 months, 3 months and 2 months out… remember you need at least 6 weeks for a non-rush situation, but do it as early as possible.
  • Gather all docs needed – new regulations mean renewing may be a little different this time around
  • Put aside funds – budget for your renewals.

Map out vacation days for upcoming year

  • Even if the dates aren’t firm yet, it makes for good planning… especially if you work for self or have that coworker that grabs all the good dates first.

Make a list of schools your child is considering and closest airports

  • Have a senior heading off to college (or an 8th grader going to boarding school)? Keep a running list of schools they’re applying to along with the nearest airport. Even if it’s a 3-hour drive away, it’s good to have this info just in case. It may have some bearing on available accommodations, peak times for people traveling to the area and travel associated costs (that almost always seem to be missing from those cost of attendance tables).


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