Traveling to new places and discovering new things can be very exciting, especially when you’re discovering new food. However sometimes it’s nice to find something familiar among all the newness when you’re away from home.
Now if you’re like me, good fried chicken makes you happy. So I was quite intrigued when this young man* appeared on my Twitter timeline. The Chicken Connoisseur goes around London reviewing chicken restaurants… you know, the budget friendly neighborhood spots. The ones you go to with the local friends you just made after a few pints at the pub down the street from your airbnb lol.
Chicken reviews and KOTD (kicks of the day) aside, these videos are a great way to learn some London-speak… shoot, I grew up in a British territory and have to remind myself from time to time that “chips” are “fries” when you venture across the pond. Stuff like that. Anyhoo… check The Pengest Munch out (I’m still trying to figure out exactly what “pengest” is tho). You may even catch a performance or two lol.

*I say young man because when I first saw references made, they said “this kid”, however word has it he’s in his early 20s and not a school-aged bloke. Either way, I think it’s kinda dope.