Picture it. Bermuda. January 2005. Just 9 months prior I had been told my job would end in a year. The only thing I was “mad” about was having to wait a year. Between that announcement and January 05, my daughter and I decided we’d move to the States.
Then came the email that led to the meeting that led to the announcement… Something changed and we could have our jobs back. Great news, right? Not when I had plans to embark on a whole new life.
So I walk in to my boss’s office for our 1 on 1 regarding the changes. Understand. As far as bosses go, he was awesome. At my farewell party, he said he was losing a sister. We got along well. The company was great to work for; I’d done it for 9 years. Having my job back wouldn’t have sucked. But I had plans.
So I walk into his office and sat down. He gets right to it and asks if I’m interested in staying. I ask:
“Can I come in at 8:45 instead of 8:30?” No.
“Can I have an assistant during quarter & year-end closings?” No. Oh. And we’re switching to monthly closings.
“Ashiiidddddd can I be part-time and just come for closings then? I hate the phones!” No.
“*sigh* can I have a free week off? And keep the 3 month stay on bonus?” No. *pause, blank stare* No.
“Well. Anything else you need to tell me?” No.
I get up and leave, slightly miffed, in a “forget you then” kind of way. I got over it, though. Packed up my life, and my daughter and left the placed I’d called home on a First Class flight.
Nine years ago today was my last day there. And I now realize all the time he was telling me “no”, he was really giving me the nudge to say “yes” to bigger and better experiences. Especially when I realized that just 5 years after that January “conversation” not one of the original group that received that news was still there. The “no” saved me, pushed me, and challenged me. It hasn’t been easy, but it has been worth it!