Go and learn


Encouraging Empathy and Education through Exploration


We believe that life experience is the best teacher and that some of the best experiences happen away from home. Whether one mile or one thousand, there’s something waiting to be discovered and shared.
So go. And learn.

Auntee Rik


Auntee Rik founded Chicks Be Trippin™ as an avenue to help foster education and opportunities through travel.

What is Chicks Be Trippin™ (CBT)?

CBT is a vehicle to encourage non-traditional education through exploration.

So you’re a blog ?

Yes. And no. The CBT vision board also includes things like tees all the way through to a CBT airline. We’ll see how that works out.

Ohhhh. So why start with the blog?

Since our founder is also a graphic and web designer, the easiest and fastest way to get started and the message out was through the blog/website.

Are you a non-profit?

No. CBT is a for-profit entity that uses proceeds to fund projects, most times in conjunction with 501(c)3 organizations.

How do I get in touch with you?

For general inquiries, please contact