It happens to all of us at one time or another… that “I’ve hit a brick wall” feeling. Nothing stifles creativity like consistent isolation and the same old four walls.
Las Ramblas in Barcelona holds a very dear spot in my heart because it’s is theeeee best place to order some paella, have a glass of something wet and just people watch – for hours on end. And no one is rushing you from your table, either. I was able to get so much out of my brain and onto pen & paper (I still love pen & paper when brainstorming) – and not just stuff, but BRILLIANT stuff! I can’t wait to go back! I love vacations… however my current budget does not lol. But vacations definitely rejuvenate the soul; and I believe creativity to be a soul output, not a cerebral one. When you have experiences that give you the warm fuzzies, not only do they help to lift your spirits, but they also create memories that you can hold on to for that “rainy spirit” day.
Whether your reason for not taking a full blown vacation has to do with money or time, here are 5 ways you can recharge, for all budget sizes!

  • Find a small hotel or bed and breakfast at least 50 miles away from home and spend the weekend there.
  • Attend a festival – beer, food, music… whatever!
  • Have lunch on a roadside patio and people watch.
  • Create a Pandora station of a genre you rarely – or have never listened to before – and listen to it while you take a walk.
  • Visit one “tourist” attraction in your area that you have not been to. Some attractions have free days for residents!
  • BONUS: interact with some littles – Teach a class at a camp. Take your nieces/nephews for an afternoon lunch and let them talk you to deaf (yes, til you wish you couldn’t hear them). Have a neighborhood family kickball game. Crash someone’s family reunion in the park (a la Poetic Justice). You get the gist. There are days I REALLY miss teaching because kids have great ideas and great energy. They’d wear me out but I’d feel so sparkly on the inside!

The effects are not always immediate, but getting away from your blocks every now and then definitely helps!

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